Hey! I am Tanay



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Financi is an inclusive and censorship-free platform for creators to collect instant payments for their premium content. It’s anonymous, with no restrictions on free speech.
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UNTITLE Clothing reforms the Indian palette of streetwear to include breathtakingly new designs for clothing, with its luxury & designer collections


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dafney.co is a design firm dedicated to bringing out the best of your brand. Dafney creates branding that makes sense.
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I co-founded Flairlift.com, an e-commerce company focused on selling a variety of t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, and custom merchandise. The styles range from universities to pop-culture. Flairlift offers the cheapest and highest quality bulk clothing option available in India. We are planning to make the company international. With over fifty permanent clients, our sales have been promising for this future expansion.


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I developed Unexpend in June 2016 to serve as a user-friendly e-commerce price comparison site. Using API from giant e-commerce hubs like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, and Snapdeal, Unexpend shows users the best price for any of over 10 million products across the internet. Technical issues have stopped its forward progress, but the potential here is great.
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I collaborated with two friends in May 2016 to start brainfect.com, a fun video and gif-dump website that makes its mission to “infect your brain” with awesomeness and weirdness. I handled the social media accounts and the monetization for this project and helped to drive traffic from social media platforms to the website.


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I did freelance work in web design, producing eye-catching, unique, and user-friendly websites for start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. During this year, I gained extensive experience in the nuances of design and learned the marketing power of a business’ online presence. My time as a freelancer helped propel me forward into my collaborative endeavors of the following year.


Server Hosting
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I started a game server hosting site in India. It hosted popular game servers like Counter Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive, the servers for which totaled well over one hundred. The site had thirty-five clients and did extremely well for the duration of its run.